How to nominate an NSR

Nineteen iconic surfing sites have now been dedicated as NSR in Australia, with a few more to come. Check the area nomination list of potential sites, and if your area fits the criteria, consider getting involved to make a Australia an even greater surfing nation of the world’s best beaches.


  • Send us an email briefly detailing your surf break and why you think is is worthy of national recognition. Your outline should comment on the break itself, the history of surfing at the break and the local surf culture/community. Accompanying photographs are encouraged.
  • NSR will send you a nomination form to complete, if they think your break has a reasonable chance of success, as there is quite a bit of work involved in the full nomination process.
  • Submit the full nomination package.
  • Await NSR’s decision (within 6 months).
  • If successful NSR will forward additional material to assist in the dedication process, which involves a LOT more work.

Note: You should only consider nominating a site if you and your friends and the local surf community are prepared to put in a LOT of work to both nominate, and if successful, work towards the dedication of the site. A good nomination will take some weeks/months to prepare, while we advise a full 12 months to prepare for a dedication. Its well worth it, but be prepared for a lot of work – work which will essentially document everything you and we need to know about your break and which will be encapsulated in the dedication booklet.