BLACK ROCK – Proposed

The World’s first Indigenous Surfing Reserve.

Black Rock is one of a few names given the outstanding reef beach located on the eastern point of Summercloud Bay. It is also known as Aussie Pipe and South Coast Pipe (no guess why) and locally as Shelly Point. Whatever it’s called it delivers screaming hollow lefts breaking over a rock shelf, and an almost equally prized right. The break also faces due south and picks up any south swell, while summer northerlies blow offshore.

The wave breaks over a rock shelf off the point, with the point itself rich in aboriginal shell middens (hence Shelly Point) and of special significant to the local koori population. The locals started surfing the waves in the 1960’s, before it became more widely known. While now accessible to all, it is still a bit of a walk from the car park though the native bushland to the point – part of the unique Black Rock experience.

Black Rock is located with the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community and is on track to become the first indigenous NSR in Australia – and the world. The reserve is being fully supported by the local community, as well as the bordering Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay Marine Park, NSW State Government and the Commonwealth. Planning with the local community began in 2010. Eco tourism is expected to be integrated into future NSR planning.

This historic site is working towards official declaration. Prof Short and Prof Chandler (UOW) are acting as ‘advisors’ at this important national indigenous surfing site.