Angourie Surf

A place with magical views and legendary breaks sounds like a surfer’s paradise, right? And that perfectly describes Angourie beach. The golden hours, especially, are spectacular—like something out of a fairy tale.  

Mark Richards, a four-time world surfing champion, considers Angourie to be the best right hand point in Australia. He also believes it is one of the best in the world.

It is no surprise that it was declared a national surfing reserve in January 2007.

If you are looking to surf in Angourie, you are in for an exciting adventure. And here is everything you need to know.

Where to Surf and SUP in Angourie

1. Angourie Point

It is easy to believe that Angourie doesn’t have much to offer. But the small coastal village is a world-famous surfing destination.

When you see it for yourself, you will not want to leave.

The exposed point break offers consistent waves throughout the year. The right hander can range from 2 feet to about 10 feet in size.

This is not a place for beginners. But you can go and watch the locals and pros do what they do best. If you are lucky maybe you will meet one or two famous surfers.

Intermediate surfers will have a blast at Angourie Point. Even though people come from all over the world, it is not crowded.

Awesome breaks don’t come without risks and hazards. When surfing at Angourie Point, watch out for rocks, sharks, and locals. The end section is especially dangerous and is even referred to as “Life and Death”.

2. Spookies (or Spooky)

Spooky lies on the north side of Angourie Point.

Nobody really knows how the interesting name came about. Some say it is because the place was isolated and you had to surf alone. Others believe it is because of a strange noise that was heard coming from the water. And others say it is just a name, there is nothing to it.

Regardless of what the story is, you will want to experience the beach and reef break surf here. The beach break offers both right and left handers while the reef break provides a right hander. The reef break is suitable for experienced surfers only.

The size can range from about 3 feet to 12 feet.

Spookies is very reliable and consistent. But sometimes there are too many people.

When surfing here, watch out for sharks and rocks. Also, respect the local surfers to avoid trouble.

3. Angourie Back Point

This one is located on the south side of Angourie Point. Surfers typically come here to escape the north winds in the summer.

The left hander breaks over a shallow boulder reef. It may not be as powerful as the Angourie Point break but the waves are remarkable. The size can range from 3 to 10 feet.

4. Green Point

The shallow rock ledge here offers a right and left hand break. This is a favorite spot for many surfers and bodyboarders.

You will love Green point if you are trying to get away from the crowds.

Other than the impressive waves, this is the perfect spot for stunning views. You can watch the sun, moonrise, whales, and dolphins. You will get lost in the beauty and peace.

Come with your surfboard and you can easily spend a whole day here.  

Local Surf Shops and Clubs in Angourie

a. Yamba-Angourie Surf School

Would you like to learn surfing from a three-time Australian champion? If the answer is yes, visit Yamba-Angourie Surf School

The school is in Yamba, about a 7-minute drive from Angourie. They have packages for everyone—a single individual, small family, or large group.

If you like, you can even get a one-on-one private lesson to develop or sharpen your skills.

b. Salty Soul Wellness

Surf plus yoga sounds like a really good idea, right?

Salty Soul Wellness offers surf lessons for individuals and groups. The classes usually have not more than six students so they can cater to individual needs.

In the surf class, you will learn all about surf etiquette, surf safety, and ocean awareness. They then find the right waves to match your skill level for you to start surfing.

If you are interested, you can attend their yoga classes by the ocean while you’re there.

Angourie Beach Surf Cams and Forecast

Check the latest Angourie surf report.

Restaurants in Angourie

1. Café Angourie

The café is across the road from the beach.

One thing is for sure: you will love their coffee and food. They use fresh produce and the staff are super nice.

Café Angourie can be quite busy sometimes, which means you may have to wait. But what you get is worth the wait.

2. Barbaresco

After an intense surfing session at Angourie point, you will appreciate a tasty Italian meal or seafood at Barbaresco.

The owners use local and seasonal produce to give their customers the freshest and most delicious meals.

It can get a little busy so try to book in advance.

3. Yum Yum Angourie Café and General Store

Spending a day at Spooky’s beach is quite an adventure. But it can leave you feeling famished.

Yum Yum Angourie Café is close by and you can pop in for a fresh meal or house-made treat. They have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options as well.

It is one of the best places to go if you want generous servings and healthy options.


Angourie national surfing reserve is a must-visit for any surfing enthusiast. The breaks are consistently thrilling and the views picturesque—what more could you ask for? Besides, the area is not crowded and you are guaranteed to have a good time.